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The industrial sector is one among the sectors that most benefits from the qualities of metal packaging. For this reason, at Boixadós we offer multiple solutions in industrial packaging. Our containers are suitable for water- or solvent-based chemicals or organic products such as paint, solvents and chemicals in general.

At Boixadós, we also study and offer the solution that best adapts to suit the properties and needs of each product and sector. Different diameters, different types of seal and with the option to personalise each production run.

Container with a double seal lid, for medium to high density products. Possibility to make lithographed or blank containers.

Ideal for packaging and transporting viscous and solid industrial materials and ensures complete emptying. Approved packaging complying with the strictest regulations for the transport of goods.

Clamping ring

Metal containers with clamping ring lid for a totally airtight seal. The lid allows the container to be opened fully, making it easy to fill and empty the container completely.

Intended for solid products for industrial use.

Plastic screw cap, for easy placement and dispensing, with a tamper-evident seal. Suitable for non-edible industrial oils.

Rectangular container with extensible plastic cap with screw, for easy placement and dosing, with guarantee seal. Widely used for liquid industrial chemical products and oils.

Small Metal Boxes

Blank or lithographed small boxes in tin plate or gold colour, with a sanitary coating.

Other Categories

Other Categories