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The food industry is one of the sectors that most benefits from the advantages of metal packaging. These containers allow the preservation of the product, ensuring that its organoleptic properties are not lost, thus preventing it from spoiling due to external causes.

At Boixadós, we also study and offer the solution that best adapts to the properties and needs of each type of food. Different diameters, different types of seal and with the option to personalise each production run.

Peel Off

The container with a tamper-proof seal to guarantee that the product has not been tampered with. The Peel-Off lid has anti-cut protection, making it a very safe product.

Container with a double layer hermetic seal to offer maximum safety guarantees. We have a cap with a one-way valve for releasing the coffee gases, or an easy-opener.

Olive oil containers with a non-refillable lid system and the option to customise with your brand from 1 pallet.

The best system for packaging liquids or low-density products with an extendible plastic screw lid, for easy placement and dispensing, with a tamper-evident seal.

Containers developed for packaging wafers. With an easy to open and close lid, these containers preserve the properties of the wafers.

Metal container with a lid that is very easy to open and close. Intended for solid food products such as tea, coffee, infusions, soluble products…

Intended for solid food products such as tea, coffee, infusions, soluble products…

Cans for food packaging of caviar and roe. Interior and exterior food-grade coating. Possibility of vacuum sealing.

Blank or lithographed small boxes in tin plate or gold colour, with a sanitary coating.

Other Categories

Other Categories