Boixadós Envasos Metàl·lics SL has been honoured with the Liderpack Award for best food packaging, and also awarded "Best in Show" which awards the best design amongst all the winners at the contest. These awards are held in the Hispack area, specializing in packaging. They take place annually at the Barcelona Trade Fair, and this year will be between May 15/18.


The award is for a 3.5kg coffee bean container that replaces traditional plastic coffee containers used with coffee mills in bars and restaurants. The main innovation that we are dealing with is an industrial design that breaks with the straight cylindrical lines of normal containers and incorporates a double ripple that makes it more organic and aesthetically pleasing. This new shape is a completely different type of package from all those before it. It is an intelligent tin container that is also ecological, protecting a product from air water and light. Thanks to a sealing system that protects the interior atmosphere, it can extend the life of coffee without damaging any of its properties. Plus, it is an excellent advertisement at the Point Of Sale (POS) for brands of coffee roasters.


The R+D on this project took place over two years of development and technical challenges. These included searching for an organic shape that is attractive at the industrial design level by our Research and Development Department. To achieve this we have worked with the most advanced 3D programs. It has taken two years of research to find the most suitable material, looking specifically at the mechanical elasticity of the tin and presaging the original design before the printing stage. Once constructed the container image presents no distortions or undesirable shapes; and as such special tools and machinery are used.


As a result of winning this award, Liderpack presented our package to Worldstars for Packaging 2012 of the World Packaging Organisation, which is the most important competition internationally, known for being multi-sectorial and having a large source of jobs, as well as the Jury's high level and background. 

It fills us with great satisfaction to know that we have been awarded along side companies such as Damm, Font Vella and Martini amongst others.