Accessories for metal containers

Accessories designed to complement the metal containers. Plastic caps, dispensers, rings fasteners, packaging machinery, packing forceps, etc.

Extended plastic plug

We have a wide variety of DIN plugs for metal packaging . Expandable plugs are a good solution for comfortable placement without requiring an additional machine. Onced opened and expanded, this product guarantees optimal dispensing of the product. E ...

Ø47 Coffee mill standard adapter

Standard O47 Adapter for packaging coffee grinder.
Once the plastic lid is unsealed and stretched, the adapter has a special thread which is fixed inside, perfectly between the container and the lid. This totally seals on all sides. Moreover, the d ...

Ring of plastic containers with 2 components

These rings or plastic rings are used to secure two packages at a time . Mainly used in products that need to have a separate reagent product. For O100 and O99 containers with different types of metering . For solids and liquids.

Canula stopper

This plug is ideal for dispensing products in inaccessible places, such as the mouth of a vehicle fuel, amongst others ... This stopper is suitable for packaging Ø32DIN entirely. Made with a universal insert, it is tamper-evident inside the screw ca ...

Encapsulating machine (crimping tool)

This tool is specially designed to encapsulate the lids of coffee packaging with one easy motion. It consists of a steel drum of 12 pieces, which are driven by 2 levers above. With this we obtain a seal with a perfect sealing.

Securiuty clamp nº 9

Security metallic clamp for double lock cans nº 9

Pail Closing Tool

Pail Closing Tool on Ø 230, 240, 292 y 305 mm