Industrial containers

Industrial packaging for products with chemical or organic solvent or water based such as paints, solvents and chemicals in general.

Double Lock (DL)

Containers with double locking lid , for products with medium to high density. Double locking system friction. It is most commonlyused as a container for paints . Container suitable for liquidss or solid . Finishing Nameless, not suitable for water b ...

Plastic lid (PL)

The most widely used system for liquids or products with a low density . The threaded plastic plug is extendible, easy to install and dispense dosages , tamper-evident . Not suitable for water based products or those with very high acidity (pH ). Abi ...

Format Pail

The container lid pail with ears and curl, is ideal for packaging and transportation of industrial materials such viscous, solid, with a complete emptying of the product.
Container approved for meeting the highest standards with freight .
Manufactu ...

Peel-Print ® System printing

What is it?
Peel -Print ® is a printing system , new and exclusive to Envasos Boixadós Metàl.lics for metal packaging of small products .
A skin with a high-resolution print that fits perfectly to the surface of the containers , providing a colo ...