Decorative containers

Decorative metal containers for products of marketing, communications, promotions, gifts, decorations and events.

Peel-Off Cover or Aluminum Cone

The peel-off lid or aluminum membrane lid is characterized as a package with a guarantee seal that is completely unbreakable, whereby the customer has complete certainty that the product has not been tampered with.
It ss characterized by its ease of ...

Exterior metal lid

Very easy to open and close the container.
Designed to feed solids type products Tea, coffee,, instant products ... or marketing products.
Customizable from 1000 units
Also on a Ø100, Ø110 mm from 3.000 units

Exterior metal lid with plastic window

Designed for dry food packaging and marketing products, the main feature of this package is the visualization of the inner product, through the window in the lid of high quality acrylic plastic.
Available in Ø70 and Ø85 mm high, can be made to or ...

Interior metal lid

Outer metal container with a lid. Very easy to open and close the can.Ø83, Ø108, Ø170, Ø220 mm
Intended for solid food type products tea, coffee, tea, soluble products ... or for marketing products as well as industrial non liquid.
Made from 50 ...

Large format advertising

Packaging for large scale advertising. We offer the possibility of handling services in special packaging ( cartons, pallets , ...) according to the specific needs of each client.

Double Lock (DL)

Containers with double locking lid , for products with medium to high density. Double locking system friction. It is most commonlyused as a container for paints . Container suitable for liquidss or solid . Finishing Nameless, not suitable for water b ...

Metal Boxes

Tin colored anonymous boxes, gold gilt type, health or lithographic varnish with the brand or your client.

Flyer: the gift industry and advertising and marketing.

Food: resistance, hygiene and special features are shown to contain any food, can ...

Peel-Print ® System printing

What is it?
Peel -Print ® is a printing system , new and exclusive to Envasos Boixadós Metàl.lics for metal packaging of small products .
A skin with a high-resolution print that fits perfectly to the surface of the containers , providing a colo ...

Plastic tube packaging

Cylindrical plastic tube package with metal covers.
Highly transparent plastic which makes visible the inner product and very attractive.
Ø40, 48, 54, 72, 89, 96, 108, 155, 214 mm.
Can be manufactured in various formats height and diameter
S ...

Ice Bucket

Ice bucket for wine, champagne, sangria, beer,....
Ideal for advertisement your brand on the service point.
Available on a Ø170, Ø220 or Ø300 mm
Customizable from 1.000 u.