Over the four last generations the Boixadós Family has specialized in the manufacturing of multi-use metal containers, food storage, chemical products as well as containers for advertising and marketing.

The Boixadós story goes back to 1910 when Ferran Boixadós Puigarnau set up their first shop in la Baixada de la Seu de Manresa, which back then was the centre of the city. It was at that time that Mr Boixadós had the clear vision to put everything into the manufacturing of a type of product that, thanks to its properties, from that moment forward has grown in popularity in our society, the metal container. Precisely what we are dealing with is a material that allows the conservation of all types of products in optimum conditions over long periods of time. Moreover, our metal containers are very versatile when it comes to establishing shapes, dimensions and capacity.

Antoni Boixadós, son of the founder and his wife Rosa Quintana kept the business going during the difficult period of the Spanish Civil War. The scarcity of material made it difficult to continue the business and it was necessary to make other types of products to maintain the family. With the passing of the years and thanks to an improved situation in the country, the enterprise expanded the market and increased production, with a change of location. This also included facing up to new challenges.

With the arrival of a third generation, Ferran Boixadós Quintana took over the business in 1972 and began the modernization of the business, moving it to our current location, a larger space and more optimised centre for production, in Sant Fruitos De Bages, in the heart of Catalonia. This is a strategic enclave that is found at the foot of Eix del Llobregat and the Eix Transversal, two lines of communication that bring us closer to all points in Catalonia, France and with the interior of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, we are also on a point that is very close to the Eix Diagonal which connects to the south of the country.

Currently, with Ferran Boixadós, father and son, who are the third and fourth family generation at the front of the company, the company has adapted to all the new necessities and trends of the market, fabricating containers for all sectors in the industry. We take special care of the quality at all parts of the processes. Thanks to a system of manufacturing control, special attention is paid to our clients, which is clear, honest and transparent.

We make containers for the food, industrial and decorative sector. These can be personalized with lithograph , Peel-Print or nameless. For this we poses different types of certifications, homologations and registrations that prove that we exceed the highest levels of quality in manufacturing. Our containers, for example are used by the industrial sector for transporting hazardous materials.

Thanks to our versatility, flexibility and storage system, we are able to produce limited series and even a personalized object, all with our door-to-door service.

In any case, the experience accumulated over more than a century's tradition, allows us to transmit our experience to our clients by looking for more solutions that are appropriate for the product.